ESSIN acts  in accordance to our offer, being coherent with  our proposals, philosophy and results. Our success  settles in the trust of  our customers give us for such sensitive issues as the sale of a business to which they have devoted much of their life, we focus in understand their concerns, assess their aspirations and implement their wishes within a framework of honesty, transparency, confidentiality, professionalism and good faith.

We like to give personalized service and direct response to our customers, visualizing jointly the future and helping control the present to the extent, as possible.

When resources are exhausted to reconcile conflicting interests, the descendants have no interest in the business or other problems arise, you must seriously consider one way or another to sell the company, especially if it has not grown enough to generate income for future generations.

ESSIN supports the reasonably capitalization of a lifetime effort, sensing the opportunity at the right time and taking the advisable steps to negotiate directly on behalf of the owners, thus avoiding confrontations with third parties, structuring neatly the necessary steps throughout the buying or selling process .

ESSIN has a portfolio of investors who might be interested in your business and in turn has a small portfolio of business opportunities for sale that might be of interest to you. We would appreciate if you could please refer to the corresponding segment and we will gladly provide additional information.

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